One way we ensure that our brides and grooms enjoy the best photographic experience possible is through forming a relationship with our couples. We try our best to make sure that all of our couples are the perfect fit for us before officially booking. A bride and groom should connect with their photographers, trust their photographers and be comfortable about the whole process with them. After booking, we love getting to know our clients through an engagement session that helps them warm up to the camera so that they are ready to rock and roll on the wedding day!  By the time the wedding day arrives,  clients feel more like friends and that creates a safe and relaxed environment for photography.


Engagement Sessions

Before the engagement session, we recommend a few things such as when, where, and what... 

When is important because we love to utilize the most beautiful sunlight of the day which is always one hour before sunset.

Where is important because it sets the scene and helps convey your story. Are you beach lovers, love taking walks in a shady park, or perhaps a fun downtown location!

What is all about enhancing the location such as what will you wear, do you want to set up an intimate picnic or splash in the waves? We can make this session as simple or extravagant as you like, just make sure to always communicate so we can help you plan and we are always down for helping you pick your wardrobe!