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A Girl and Her Tree

Annie found us when looking for a wedding photographer. I'm not too sure but perhaps our name, Twig & Leaf clued her in that we would be a good match. You see, she had a dream of one day getting married under her favorite tree. Now bear with me as I will use my imagination to flush out the details. There was a young girl growing up in Port O'Conner, a small seaside town. Her family owning a piece of land with a pond and plenty of trees. She spent her youth chasing the ducks and climbing the trees but her favorite tree was the big one with a large looming branch just right to climb and sit on, reading and dreaming for hours. As she grew, the tree grew too. They both loved spending time with one another. She eventually moved away to become a teacher and met the love of her life but whenever she came home to see her family she always came to say hello to her tree. And she knew she would one day want to get married under the leafy boughs.

Jacob and Annie met after Hurricane Harvey, helping to put back together their communities and loving on those around them. To me, this explains everything about the couple. They are genuine, they are kind, they are giving, and the love they have for one another and their friends and family is practically tangible. Jacob proposed to Annie at the beginning of Covid. Another life altering challenge that they both rose to meet and again help those in need. And the week before their wedding came the terrible ice storm that I like to call Ice-megedon, because it felt like the end of the world for us shivering cold Texans with no heat or water! But a small ice storm wouldn't deter this couple. Storms were part of their story so it felt only natural. So the leaves on her favorite tree weren't as leafy but the tree still stood strong. And so the day came, and Annie and Jacob danced the night away in one another's arms.

It's a great tree, am I right?!? We are wishing Annie and Jacob all the love and best wishes as they begin their journey as a married couple! Perhaps, one day, their children will climb Annie's tree...

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