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A Love Story

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Mr. & Mrs. Story

May 2020 - Rockport, Texas

Wedding Venue: Heritage Place Venue

I think it was around third grade when we all start to learn to write multi-paragraph compositions. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Carden, explaining the different parts of a narrative essay; Introduction/Exposition > Rising Actions/Problem > Climax > Falling Action > Resolution. It clicked in my brain that pretty much every Disney movie I had ever seen followed the same pattern. In fact, most stories follow this simple pattern. My tiny third-grade mind was blown! You may be asking yourself, why am I reading this blog about a third-grade writing lesson when I thought I would be reading this wedding? This story, of Mr. & Mrs. Story, perfectly follows along with this format that I couldn't help but point it out! I'm not funny enough to come up with an entire blog full of puns using the word story (which I tried to do when I first started writing this blog).


Becky was one of the first people to hire me as a family photographer when I first started my photography business a few years ago. She believed in me and my goals as a photographer from the very beginning. When she asked if Cora and I could be her wedding photographers, I was so grateful and honored to tell the next chapter of her love story.

Rising Action/Problem:

Dun Dun Dunnnnn, plot twist! Worldwide pandemic. I still can't believe that this has been our reality and not just something out of my science fiction books, but this is what it is. Becky had been planning every detail of her wedding with so much love. Unfortunately, everything had to change, and the guest list had to be drastically scaled back. When I say that Cora and I are so lucky to have the best couples in the world, I mean it. Paul and Becky pivoted their plans with grace and a great appreciation of what they had instead of focusing on the things they were giving up.


Anna, the owner of Heritage Place Venue, was wonderful for accommodating this wedding with short notice while still adhering to the new health and safety regulations that are the "new normal." Paul and Becky exchanged their vows in front of their closest friends and family starting their next chapter as Mr. & Mrs. Story.

Falling Action:

Paul and Beck rode away on their Harley Davidson to get ready for their intimate backyard reception later in the day.


Like classic love stories, they lived happily ever after! ;)

Although we are still learning to implement videography into the wedding services that we offer, we loved how this sweet video came together. We always want to serve our clients with the highest quality products and we still have a lot to learn about video, but the best way to learn is to practice. We look forward to offering videography in the future!

Thank you for reading our blog about this amazing wedding! Lillian

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