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Alina & Isaac's Engagement

At the height of spring, we met with Alina and Isaac for their engagement session. We had talked to them over zoom weeks before when we discussed their Winter Wedding Plans, with plenty of Christmas and magical themes but they knew they also wanted a spring engagement session. We knew we had to make it magical to tie into their dreamy ethereal wedding theme but we had no idea it was going to be as magical as it was! The wildflowers were in full bloom and Isaac and Alina were a dream to work with as they only had eyes for each other and were so incredibly romantic and sweet! We danced in the sunlight, strolled through the tall grass, and frolicked in the wildflowers!

It is so clear these two really adore one another

The tall grasses at this park are so dreamy as they sway in the wind

Did I mention how romantic these two are?!

The fields were alive with colorful wildflowers!

We can't wait to see what magic awaits us on their wedding day!

*Tip of the day: Alina and Isaac knew they wanted a spring engagement session but also knew they wanted a hint of magic with fairy lights so we located a field with wildflowers and and scheduled the shoot a bit later than we normally would so that we would have the end of our shoot during dusk so that the fairy lights would really glow. Alina and Isaac dressed dressy casual and made sure not to be match-y match-y yet their outfits compliment each other nicely. Alina's dress is very romantic and flow-y and looks so lovely among the wildflowers.

Always feel free to ask us for advice if you think you need it!

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