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Camping Engagement

Kara and Sean love to camp, in fact, Sean proposed while camping with Kara. So when they asked if they could have a camping-themed engagement session we of course said "YES!" We love camping too and to bring to life a couple's ideas and what they love as a couple just gets us super giddy! They set up their tent on top of their truck and put up a hammock and it looked so cute and cozy we felt like staying a while!

They told us their story and we got to know their sweet hound dog, Pearl, and we felt like long-time pals. Kara and Sean are such a fun-loving and down-to-earth couple, loving the simple moments and laughing together. They make for a sweet and fun couple.

Kara's dad owns the property we set camp at and Kara has so many memories there and wanted a few more made by the pond so they got dressed up and pulled out a bottle of champagne for some really fun photos!

We ended the session down an intimate pathway perfect for catching some snuggles

Reasons we loved this engagement session:

1. It was personalized! What better way to capture real moments than incorporating something the both of you love to do! It's uniquely you and it shows.

2. Kara & Sean put thought into their wardrobe, they had two outfits that did a wonderful job of reflecting who they are, their style, their surroundings, and complimented each other.

3. They had an idea in place for their session but were very open to adjusting to our photography advice. They knew the land and gave us ideas and we took them and ran with them. Kara & Sean did a beautiful job of being prepared but also easygoing so that they could truly be in the moment and enjoy themselves.

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