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Covid & Small Weddings

I know, we are all tired of hearing about covid, but let's face it, it is here and has affected us greatly. You would think with all this free time we would have written more but alas, life. Lillian has been busy with her photography, it has taken off soaring! I have been busy with my little family. But in between the busy-ness we have found couples that still have wanted to celebrate their love with a wedding. In fact, we have seen so many couples that chose to get married during this time because it helped them have the small wedding they always wanted without the pressure of having a big wedding to please friends and family. We absolutely adore the small weddings, we are here for them! Here are three reasons why we are embracing small weddings.

  1. Prioritizing People: When you first got engaged what was your first thought? Was it, "Gosh I can't wait till I can have a huge party with all my friends and family"? There is nothing wrong with wanting a party but that probably wasn't your first thought. It was more likely that you were thrilled thinking about your lives together! When you have a small wedding the focus is more on you and your intimate relationships. You spend more quality time with each person making memories with each one. We also get to take more photos of those moments. It's like a big Thanksgiving meal with your closest family and friends.

  2. Prioritizing Desires: Having a small wedding opens up so many new doors! With smaller weddings there are so many new locations that open up that just aren't doable with a large wedding. For instance, we have shot so many more backyard weddings, a small chapel fitting only about fifteen people, and a wedding on a personal pier with just ten guests! These weddings are so unique and sweet! Smaller weddings also allow you to shift a budget away from feeding 100+ guests to other places such as flying out your close family/friends, buying that dream dress, a Tiffany's pearl necklace, or a down payment on a house!

  3. Prioritizing Photos: What kind of photography blog would this be if I didn't include photos! Ha! But in all seriousness these small weddings have allowed us more intimate time with our couples. With our small weddings we have been able to sneak away and get some amazing couple photos at some really unique and dreamy locations such as on a boat and in golden fields. It also allows photos with all of your guests, whether in one large group (large being very subjective, ie all your guests) or photos taken individually with each guest or all of the above.

With life slowly going back to normal, we do feel small weddings will still be around and we are here for them!

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