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It could have been shady

Even though I should know what I'm doing, sometimes I find myself making questionable choices. Let me explain myself. I've run a business before, for a long time, but not in photography. And this journey I'm on with my best friend Lillie has me so jazzed that when she texted me in the middle of the day asking if I wanted to go to a Wedding Photography workshop in Houston, I was pretty excited and said yes! Did I know where in Houston or who was doing it? Nope. Did I know what was going to happen at the workshop? Not too much. But I'm on this adventure, remember? So, a few weeks later the time comes. And. We. Have. To. Drive. To. Houston. And not just that, drive there and back in one day. If you're so inclined to know, I'm not a huge fan of Houston. I lived there once for a brief period in my life and I don't like to think too much about it any more. So I set my alarm clock for 4 in the waaaaay too early am, stumble around in the dark and head over to Rockport to pick up Lillie. Our ride up was actually really pretty. There was some rain in the beginning but once it cleared the grey clouds gave way to a soft pink and blue sky. As we got closer we let it really sink in, we didn't know what we were in store for. Sure, we heard about them on Instagram, but we were going to a person's house! Our minds ran wild! Let me reassure you now, that when we pulled up to the house, we were thrilled to see other cars pulling up as well, so we weren't the ONLY ones!

The workshop was really good. The two ladies that put it together were so genuine and knew their stuff. They imparted to us practical knowledge to help us in our business adventures. And everyone that came to the workshop was more or less in the same place as us and we built a makeshift camaraderie and encouraged one another. After the sitting and listening part of the workshop we got to get our hands dirty and went into the woods to shoot some gorgeous real life couples. Their weddings had come and gone but they looked just as beautiful and the two ladies that put the workshop together made stunning bouquets. I have to say my favorite part was when Jess taught us how to take double exposures. I am now obsessed! We said our farewells and on a recommendation went to get phó at a local place which is now one of our traditions, yay traditions with best friends! In the dark, we made our way back down and we discussed our dreams and how we can utilize all the information given to us.

As you can gather, we can be a bit tenacious and the situation could have been shady, but it wasn't. We are so excited to be on this journey together and thrilled to be able to educate ourselves so that we can offer the best of ourselves and our talents to our couples.

Double exposure I was telling you about, pretty neato!

The lovely ladies we drove several hours to see are with Beloved Collective, Jess Morales and Rachel Lynn. If you are looking for amazing teachers you should definitely contact them!

The Beloved Collective Workshop

The gorgeous bouquets!

I want to add one little note at the end of my first blog. During the hands on modeling portion of our workshop, I was truly in awe of how well Lillie did getting the couple to be at ease and to show genuine emotions. She is truly wonderful you guys and I'm just so thankful to call her a friend and a business partner. That is all.

Lovingly, Cora

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