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Tangible Moments

Let me tell you a story, because that's what I do. I got married thirteen years ago, when digital photography was still in its infancy. I knew photos were incredibly important to me, even though I wasn't taking them yet. So when it came to choosing a photographer for my wedding I did not skimp. I didn't have fancy flowers, my dress was $300, I got married in a backyard, I made my own cd playlists (because there were no iPods yet), but I was for sure gonna get me good photos so I got a wonderful photographer and got the full package with a wedding album. After about six years of marriage, one random sad day, my computer with all my digital copies of my wedding photos just decided to crash on me. I sent it in to see what I could recover and I was devastated to find out that nothing could be salvaged. My wedding day and all the days in between, including my daughter's baby photos, were just gone in the blink of an eye. And I cried. A lot. I felt like I lost so many memories, so many stories. Thankfully, I still have my wedding album, a tangible story of my wedding day. I wish I had done that with my daughter's photos. All that to say, our stories deserve so much more than to stay in digital form, to always be locked away behind a screen. There is something so beautifully satisfying about holding and touching your photos that we too often, and sometimes regretfully forgo, thinking that it is an unnecessary expense. But this is an opportunity to save your memories for yourself and your future generations. You spent so much time preparing for this day, a day you want to remember for always. And we want to help you the best we can in whatever way we can for you.

The albums we choose for our clients are fully customizable. There are a dozen fabric choices with several embossing options. Our wedding albums are 10x10 lay-flat heirloom quality with beautifully printed ultra-thick pages.

Let us help you when you're ready to make the investment to preserve your special day in a tangible way.

Lovingly, Cora


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