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The Perfect Backyard Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Short

May 2020 - Corpus Christi, Texas

Cora and I have always been big fans of backyard weddings, but there was something undeniably special about Becky and Seth's wedding. The day unfolded so seamlessly that no one would ever know this wasn't what they had initially planned. Forced to completely change wedding plans due to the pandemic, Becky and Seth's church family stepped in to create the most lovely intimate wedding experience. More than once during this wedding, Cora and I would meet eyes across the room only to see that we were BOTH tearing up behind our camera's viewfinders. Every wedding has sweet moments, but the genuine sweetness and love that these two shared could be felt in a totally unique way.

Here are a few things that we love most about backyard/intimate weddings:

  1. RELAXED TIMELINE - In general, small weddings are so much more relaxed than larger weddings. Not only in the complexity of the timeline (fewer people and less traveling) for the day and in people's attitudes.

  2. FREEDOM TO MOVE - Cora and I have a lot more freedom to move around during the ceremony. Church weddings are beautiful and sacred, but from a pure photography perspective, we are often very limited about where we can move inside a church. When you get to the ceremony section of this gallery, check out our angles from in front of the bride and groom looking back towards their guests. This is one of my favorite angles to get during a ceremony because you can see the bride and groom's faces. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to accomplish in a church setting.

  3. NEIGHBORHOOD CHARMS - I personally love the little unexpected events that add a little bit of whimsy, or dare I say comedy to an event. Right in the middle of this ceremony, an ice cream truck started to circle the neighborhood. At first, we collectively tried to ignore the untimely music. Still, after a minute of the ice cream truck coming closer and closer, everyone began to giggle. And then giggle more. And then Becky and Seth and all their guests were straight-up belly laughing. In a few years, I guarantee we will all still remember how fun it was to share a silly laugh together and, to me, that is a beautiful memory to have.

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