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Flower Party

Have you ever heard of a flower party? Me either, until a few weeks ago. A bride of ours invited Lillian and me to her Flower Party and it was lovely! Let me explain. The bride wanted fresh flowers for her wedding and hired Wild Veggie Bouquet to show her and her bridesmaids how to arrange flowers. Iulia, the owner of Wild Veggie Bouquet, was very professional and friendly. She brought masks and gloves for everyone to use as well as a plethora of gorgeous flowers! Roses, peonies, sunflowers, ferns, snapdragons, and so many other flowers adorned the room with their color and their sweet scent. With Iulia’s color theory handy and her vast knowledge of flowers, she guided the bride and her guests through creating beautiful arrangements. As Lillian and I walked around taking photos, we noticed how much fun all the ladies were having with their mimosas and delectable tea sandwiches. It was all so lovely. The next day at the wedding, those arrangements really stood out and added true beauty to the day. Because of the experience we witnessed at the party, Lillian and I are really hoping that more brides will consider making their own arrangements or bouquets! I personally would love the opportunity to learn how to make a beautiful bouquet and can any woman really resist fresh flowers? I didn’t think so.

If you've never heard of Wild Veggie Bouquet you should definitely look them up!

Flowers and flowers and food too! What a perfect "day before wedding" event!

These are just a few of the final pieces. They were grande and the day of the wedding, the flowers opened up so beautifully! Iulia really knows her craft and it shows. We think it was a beautiful and personal touch to this Story perfect wedding day!

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