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Why Choose a First Look

Why might you choose a first look and what is a first look? Ok first things first, you may ask what is a first look? I like to think of a first look as a magical time when the light is just right. Where you and your beloved spend a few intimate moments together all dolled up so you can soak in the beauty of one another. More simply, a first look is when a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony and the photographer takes photos.

Next, if you choose to ask us if you should have a first look we will excitedly proclaim YES! Why do we love first looks? Because as photographers we have this deep desire to control all things to be as beautiful as they can be (within reason of course) and when you have a first look we get to help you decide when and where so that the sunlight will be just right and the locale will be the best we can find in the area AND we get to witness and capture the sweetest and most intimate moments before you officially become husband and wife. Think of it, your husband to be is standing across a field of flowers and you are adorned in glory and you walk gracefully behind him and your heart is racing and your palms are getting sweaty just thinking of his grin that makes you lose your breath and you barely squeak out, "ok turn around". He slowly turns and his gaze falls upon your blushing bridal figure and he almost faints and his smile consumes him as he realizes you are the most treasured of all things! So you go to him and embrace him and you can feel his heart beating as he barely caresses your face to move your curled locks. This is a moment that we get to capture for all time for you. A private and intimate moment that you get to relish in before the hectic day ensues. And these are the reasons we would love to invite you to consider a first look.

A Break Down of Reasons:

Time: So I would say this is one of the biggest reasons to choose a first look. When you schedule your wedding day you may plan to get married as the sun is setting or perhaps your venue has time restrictions. For whatever the reason, the light won't be just right after the ceremony and you just really want the best photos of you and your babe. A first look works really well if you also have a very busy reception. Everyone will want to talk to you after the wedding and time slips away pretty quickly so a first look ensures you get more of the photos you are hoping for.

Location: Before the ceremony is certainly a busy time, getting all the things ready, but after the ceremony is pretty busy too with all the family photos and wedding party photos and look Uncle Bob wants to take photos of you too! And there just isn't enough time to take photos at your ideal location that you just really had your heart set on. If we make time before the ceremony we can sneak away to the place you had in mind.

Intimacy: I already spelled out for you just how romantic it will be just the two of you (and of course ourselves with our cameras) and it's true, I've seen it happen many times over. Perhaps you wonder to yourself, will this take away from when he sees me walking down the aisle? Yes, this is a concern and you have to decide what is important to you. Either way I promise it will be romantic and we will be so thrilled to capture your moments. Remember, this is your story and we're here to help tell it.



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